Fang i Rocs - Mountainbike Itinerary in Mallorca

    This mountainbike itinerary of this mountain bike tour through Mallorca begins in the small town of Son Macià, which is located some 5 km from Manacor. You will ride along secondary streets until you reach "Es Fangar", one of the most emblematic country estates in the municipal area of Manacor. This estate is your gateway to the county’s virgin beaches. Nearby is the interesting 3000-year-old talaiotic settlement of S'Hospitalet Vell, which you may wish to stop and see (for further information on this site, please consult our Book of Maps).

    From here, you will head over to the small village of Son Carrió, followed by Son Servera, as you make your way to Artà.

    The municipal area of Artà houses another important talaiotic settlement, "Ses Païses", an archaeological complex that dates back more than 3000 years.

    You will visit the Peninsula de Llevant, or “Eastern Peninsula”, crossing the sandy beaches of the northern coast of Mallorca until you reach Pollença, the gateway to the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana. Awaiting you in the mountains is the Lluc Monastery, the first sanctuary in the Balearic Islands dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which dates back to the 13th century.

     You will then leave the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, on a descent towards the Comarca del Raiguer county and Mallorca’s flatlands, known as the “Pla de Mallorca”, an area dotted with small hills and hermitages, as you make your way back to your point of departure, marking the end of your tour.



Total km 267

Accumulated elevation gain: 3591 m.

Length of itinerary: 5 days / 6 nights

Itinerary map: