Fang i Rocs Package

The "Fang i Rocs" Package is a set of basic services to complete the "Fang i Rocs" tour. All participants are required to contract this tour. These services are designed to enable you to enjoy the "Fang i Rocs" tour without having to worry about the logistics of a point-to-point cycling tour. You are welcome to sign up for the package for as many days as you wish, starting with the minimum of 3 days.


The "Fang i Rocs" Package includes:

  • Package price
  • Trails
  • An exclusive Fang i Rocs jersey for those who finish the entire tour.
  • A book of maps with instructions and useful information on the tour and the stages, places to eat, etc.
  • Scheduling and booking of accommodations.
  • Transfer to the starting point and / or end point of the stage.
  • Transfer of baggage to the end of each stage (limited to one piece weighing up to 20 kg, per person).

  * The days of the cycling tour are not necessarily consecutive. Cyclists may wish to alternate cycling days with rest days that are not counted when calculating the price of the “Fang i Rocs” tour. In such cases, this must be specified when making the booking.