Fang i Rocs Regulations


The “Fang i Rocs” tour is not a competitive activity, although there are  different control points along the route. The idea is simply to complete the tour and to enjoy the activity and the landscape as much as possible.

The “Fang i Rocs” tour is an outdoor activity with a certain degree of adventure. Poor or difficult weather conditions, unless extreme (natural catastrophes, etc.), are not just cause for the suspension or cancellation of the activity.

Participants will receive all the material included in the “Fang i Rocs” Pack (book of maps, map of trails, etc), except for the jersey, on the first day of the tour. The finishing jersey will only be given to those who finish the entire “Fang i Rocs” tour.

The “Fang i Rocs” tour organisers will handle the transport of the participants’ baggage (one bag per person).



An advance booking is required for anyone who wishes to take part in the “Fang i Rocs” tour.

The “Fang i Rocs” organisers will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for visitors who show up at any of the lodging establishments without a previously confirmed booking.

Participants who decide to change their lodging arrangements at the last minute without the approval of the “Fang i Rocs” organisers, will still be required to pay for the night in the initially booked hotel.



Participation in the “Fang i Rocs” tour requires an advance booking via our website.

In order to book the “Fang i Rocs” tour, participants must complete and send in the pre-booking form, which they will find at our website. The participants will then receive an e-mail with a summary of the pre-booking, including the details of the different stages and hotels, the total cost and the amount corresponding to the deposit that they will have to make in order to secure their booking. The booking will not be confirmed until the full amount of the deposit has been received.

Under no circumstance whatsoever will the cost of the insurance be returned, if an insurance policy is taken out.

The amount of the deposit will be equal to 25 % of the total cost of the “Fang i Rocs” tour booking. If the booking is partially or completely cancelled at least 15 days before the envisaged starting date (however, the reserve depends on availability of accommodation), the participant may recover either all or the corresponding part of the deposit. The remainder of the price must be paid in full upon the participants’ arrival.

If a booking is partially or fully cancelled (if someone in the group has decided not to take part) and the participants have received the materials included in the “Fang i Rocs” Package, that person will lose the full cost of the booking, regardless of the date on which such cancellation is made.

In order to reserve a GPS device with the “Fang i Rocs” guide book, participants will be required to leave a €50 safety deposit, which will be refunded to them when the GPS device is returned in good condition.

For those participants who do not bring along their own bicycles, the “Fang i Rocs” organisers offer them the option of renting a bicycle. In such case, the participant must leave a €100 safety deposit, which will be refunded when the bicycle is returned in good condition.


In case of theft, the participants will be held responsible for the bicycles.


In the event that the organisers are called upon to make minor bicycle repairs that can be made by the participants themselves, the participant will be required to pay for both the repair and the cost of the organiser’s journey to the site.


This route is designed to be self-guided, using GPS and a marked itinerary.

(Guides are available on request, for groups of 4 or more people. Please consult the corresponding economic conditions. For groups of less than 4 people, please ask the organisers about the availability of a guide).



The “Fang i Rocs” tour organisers must be notified of any participant who abandons the tour on the very day that such decision is made. The book of maps included in the registration package contains a list of taxi service phone numbers.



The use of a helmet is required at all times. We recommend using a bicycle that is duly equipped for the activity to be carried out. All bicycles should at the very least have front suspension and brakes in good condition. It is also advisable to carry a small backpack (camelback) with water and a couple of energy bars. Most importantly, participants should be sure to bring along spare parts, inner tubes, an air pump, a chain tool, etc.

We also recommend the use of anti-puncture liquid for those who use tubeless tyres.

If you want to save yourself the headache of having to transport your bike, you have the option of renting a bicycle.

Respect for the environment is absolutely crucial, as the route runs through parts of natural protected areas, in some case crossing ecologically fragile zones. Hence, it will be necessary to take extra precautions. Please be sure to never litter and always respect the established rules.

In view of the local climate, in the warm months, we recommend following the routes early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It is important to bring along sun block, and above all, hydrate yourself well, before, during and after the activity. We also recommend bringing along mineral salts, as they can help delay fatigue and improve your recovery.

The organisers believe it is best to avoid the “Fang i Rocs” tour in the months of July and August, as the island’s temperatures during these months are usually very high, and there is a greater risk of heat stroke. Please also take into account that the risk of fires is higher at this time of the year.

Whenever taking part in a guided route, all the members of the group must follow the instructions of the guide at all times, with no exceptions.

We also recommend taking out an insurance policy. When booking your tour, you are offered the option of purchasing a customised insurance policy according to the length of your tour. You will find all the corresponding information under “Extras”, in the Bookings section.



By making your booking, you automatically agree to all the points described herein above.