Mountain bike route through Mallorca

What is the Fang i Rocs?

The “Fang i Rocs” is a mountain biking tour through Mallorca. The tour was initially designed to be ridden in 5 days by cyclists with an average fitness level and intermediate to upper-intermediate technical skills, who nevertheless want to follow the routes at leisure and enjoy the terrain and landscapes to the max.

All the same, this tour can be completed in 4 days for cyclists who are used to long and relatively difficult routes. Similarly, cyclists with very good physical and technical preparation may wish to complete this tour in just 3 days.

Covering 267 km, the “fang i rocs" tour has an accumulated elevation change of 3591 m along roads and mountain bike trails through some of Mallorca’s most beautiful landscapes. Despite the asphalt on some of the roads, this route is sure to give you a glimpse of the authentic Mallorca and its inhabitants.

           Far beyond all the common preconceptions of the island, Mallorca boasts a real world of beauty that you will definitely want to etch on your memory forever (sea – mountain – sun – snow – water – vegetation – desert – and in a word, Life). You’ll delight in the isolated virgin beaches nestled amid the mountains; the forests and transition landscapes; and the natural parks and wetlands, with their autochthonous plants and animals, as well as the birds that stop off for a rest on this idyllic and welcoming island along their migratory paths.

           Whether you are using a GPS or opt for the company of an MTBikeMallorca guide, you are sure to reach your daily destination and enjoy it with total satisfaction.

           You’ll sleep in establishments that provide you with everything you need to regain your strength, and you’ll relish the Island’s own local cuisine in the towns that you’ll be passing through along the way. offers you a five-day and six-night point-to-point cycling tour with no need to carry anything but your water. Each day, we will transport your baggage to the next scheduled establishment along the itinerary.

            At the end of the route, MTBikeMallorca will give you an exclusive jersey in recognition of your completion of the “Fang i Rocs" tour.